Marketing2Win“The Marketing2Win simulation has been developed by Market2Win and myself to help you better understand the  concepts in the book and help you apply them successfully in your own situation.”
– Professor Malcolm McDonald, Chairman of Market2Win Ltd

Already used in many leading business schools to teach strategic marketing, the Marketing2Win simulation is a software tool that helps you learn and practice key strategic marketing concepts.  It does this by enabling you to compete against others in a virtual marketplace in an enjoyable and realistic way.


Key benefits:IMG_2025

  • improve your understanding of the key marketing planning concepts
  • improve your marketing planning skills by applying the concepts in a safe environment
  • network with other like-minded readers
  • improve your employability and promotion prospects by gaining confidence in your strategic abilities

Key features:

  • It is strategic and deals with multiple markets and multiple products
  • It is immersive with branded websites, marketing plans, research reports and marketing tools
  • It deals with real challenges like the introduction of a new product and a sudden market downturn
  • You compete against others in real teams, not against the computer
  • Personalized feedback is provided throughout the game
  • It is based on real company insights and hits the skills-gaps seen in business today
  • The software is easy to learn and is playable online

“Playing the game was a great experience  for me and would be the same for any strategic marketer or market strategy student.” – Hussam Asmar, Marketing and Strategy Manager, Lafarge

Interested? For more information including game schedules and pricing, please email Ed Bradford at: and put ‘MP 8th Edition’ in the subject line.