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This case study is based on a major project that we undertook for a leading international financial institution in 2014/15 which covered one of its UK divisions.

Key Learning Points
The client was able to achieve a number of changes in the business as a result of the project:
 Focusing on the real business needs of customers
 Identifying groups of customers with common requirements
 Developing a specific value proposition for each of the segments
 Prioritising the segments (and customers within the segments)
 Structuring the firm’s sales and marketing activities to meet these customers’ needs

Market2Win Segmentation Case Study

Strategic Marketing Execution

This Blog is for anyone interested in executing their strategic marketing ideas successfully.

These ideas are typically captured in a strategic marketing plan (which may cover the next 3 – 5 years).  However, there is much evidence that most strategic marketing plans fail to get executed effectively.  So, this Blog is also for anyone that has a strategic marketing plan (or is writing one) and is keen to make it work.

It is about helping the marketing community get fundamental strategic change in place in their own (or their client’s) organization.