“In my experience Capabilities and Culture have been the biggest barriers to execution. With Culture this has been a tribal mentality / hostility the root cause of which has been poor leadership or a misalignment of values.

With Capabilities I refer to both individual skills including leadership failings but also a lack of alignment between outcomes and the processes needed to deliver these. I had an example where there was massive disconnect between the plan to deliver new products and both the processes and measures in place e.g. if all the processes were followed it would have taken 2 years to deliver anything new against a plan that assumed a 9 month period. Plus the control measures for this were non existant which all meant a lack of alignment and line of sight from what happened on the ground to what was in the strategic plan.

The other big issue…is companies having [too] many [metrics] rather than a vital few. I have plenty of examples of this. 20+ key measures…anybody !”

Business Development Director, UK